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Jun 28


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Dec 25


Fangirl Challenge | [1/7] Actors : Robert Downey Jr.

When you have a good script you’re almost in more trouble than when you have a terrible script..”

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Jun 11

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Jun 10

May 30

Hunter Parrish

May 13, 1987

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (Henry Cavill)

May 5, 1983

Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Hayden Christensen

April 19, 1981

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Eugene Curran Kelly (Gene Kelly)

August 23, 1912

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Gary Robert Durdin (Gary Dourdan)

December 11, 1966

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

When asked why Alan Ball cast Skarsgård as Eric Northman:
“Aside from the fact that he looks like a Viking god? Eric’s a tricky character. He’s done some really horrible things, but we still have to like him. Alex can make Eric ruthless but at the same time totally captivating and even sympathetic.”

Alexander Skarsgård for Bullet Magazine Vol. VII Summer 2012

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May 29

Gale Morgan Harold III (Gale Harold)

July 10, 1969

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Enver Gjokaj

February 12, 1980

Orange County, California, USA

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (Enrique Iglesias)

May 8, 1975

Madrid, Spain

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